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Why I support We Heart Deer Park.

We started "We Heart Deer Park" as a way to meet needs within our community right where they live. It is an opportunity for local pastors and their congregations to join together in serving our neighbors without any strings attached.  Our focus is on the Elementary Schools while the Green House focuses on the Middle and High School students wh...
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2017 Confirmed Booths

Host a Booth!
Confirmed Booths Watch for this list to grow as we get closer to this year's event. If you would like to host a booth in this year's event, please sign up here . Churches Christ Church Deer Park First Baptist Deer Park Tri-County Christian Center The Vine Community
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Why we at First Baptist Church support We Heart Deer Park.

First Baptist Church serving at We Heart Deer Park

Why does a 30-year-old childless bachelor inspire us at First Baptist to serve children and families through We Heart Deer Park?  Jesus placed immense value on children in His life and His death, and as His disciples we do too.

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Make a difference in a child's life

Free Popcorn

There's an easy way to make a difference in a child's life this summer... 

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Why do I support "We Heart Deer Park?"

Jeromy making balloons at We Heart Deer Park

Why do I support We Heart Deer Park?

It's easy to begin doing something and then somewhere along the way forget why you began in the first place. As we look forward to hosting year 6 of We Heart Deer Park, we as local pastors have done some reflecting on why we continue to commit time and energy to the event. Here are a couple reasons why I am glad our local churches are still committed to it.  

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